Dégustation de vin Dijon, Beaune en Bourgogne

Our concept

Wine tasting in Burgundy - focus on the senses

What is the key to wine tasting?  It’s you! Your impressions, your perceptions and your five senses.

How do you learn to taste wine? You have to take a different approach to tasting.

Listen to your senses. Give each one the importance and significance it deserves, and they will awaken a wealth of uncharted responses for you to experience. A host of fresh and unique sensations and emotions are there, just waiting to be discovered.

Knowing how to taste wine is an essential part of social etiquette!

For seminars, business meetings,

conferences and private entertaining


A classic or alternative wine-tasting evening, is the perfect way to enjoy the delicious flavours of Burgundy wines as you relax after a day’s work.


 The novel experience of an unorthodox wine-tasting lesson on the Burgundy wine appellations.


A friendly atmosphere and surprises are in store with our oenological workshops focusing on the flavours of Burgundy wines.

Wine-tasting evening

Perfectly unpretentious!

We concentrate on creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere at our wine-tasting evenings. We aim simply to share our expertise./p>

Tasting wine with Paul is a timeless experience. Once he starts introducing you to wines, nothing can stop him! He will “take you by the hand” and guide you through the vineyards of Burgundy. This is the land where Paul grew up. He is an expert on local food and wine, and nothing makes him happier than sharing his knowledge.

Moment de partage

Wine is the most civilised thing on earth.

                                                                                                                                     François Rabelais

Dégustation vin Bourgogne, Dijon et Beaune

Our wine tastings

A different way to taste wine

At Elijence, every wine tasting starts with a welcome and a glass of wine. Then we lead into a quick quiz on the Burgundy vineyards before we move onto the tasting option you have chosen:

classic wine tasting: a selection of wines with comments from our expert, focusing on major themes

fine foods tasting: wine tasting with local charcuterie and cheeses, wine tasting with chocolate, etc.

fun wine tasting: a selection of original games using the five sense, see our Five Senses Rally (click here)

Personalise your wine tasting by choosing from our delicious, fun options.


``wine & food``

We organise special Wine and Food team-building events. Choose from the following themes:

-red, white and rosé, the colours of wine tasting,

-black, for blind tastings,

-ffruit, flowers, spice and autumn undergrowth, for a flavour challenge,

-true or false with our themed quizzes and riddles featuring Burgundy wines,

When we taste wine, each of our five senses has a role to play. They all interact with one another to create a multi-sensory experience.

We will work with you to tailor-make a team-building session to meet your objectives.

We have also developed an original new team-building concept for you to try: the Five Senses Rally (click here)

Wine Tasting in Burgundy

Our little gems

Elijence also offers workshop events

French wine etiquette and its importance in French society

The art of Savoir-vivre

Agnès Mathiot-Bès de Berc

Wine-tasting is an essential component of Savoir-vivre. In Burgundy, we take it one step further. Moving beyond the characteristics of a wine to understand how to taste and drink it with style.

With this in mind, Agnès Mathiot-Bès de Berc created ELIJENCE, the only agency in Burgundy and indeed in France to focus on the etiquette of wine! Such skills come naturally to Agnès. The daughter of diplomats from the French and Chinese aristocracy, she learned impeccable manners from a young age. She strongly believes that courtesy and respect are vital to the success of any society.

Exuding French class is all part of Agnès’ trademark. But you’ll soon realise that there’s nothing stuffy about her!

Practical information

Our team travels all over France

We organise everything

  • Wines from talented wine-producers
  • The correct glasses for tasting wine
  • Documentation on the vineyards of Burgundy included

At the venue of your choice

  • Wine tasting in Dijon and the local area
  • Wine tasting at your home, or company premises
  • Outdoor “garden party” events
  • Indoor events in seminar rooms or wine cellars

Our clients include :

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Elijence on “Le Talk BFC Business”

Are good manners a thing of the past?

Elijence, wine tasting agency, Dijon and Côte d'Or


  • “Are manners and good etiquette things of the past? Burgundy’s answer to William Hanson, Agnès Mathiot-Bès de Berc, Director of Elijence: French Art of Fine Living, appeared on BFC Business’s Le Talk at 6pm on Sunday 17 December” – Le Talk BFC Business.

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Location: Dijon / Beaune / Burgundy – France


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