Burgundy wine tasting.

In the heart of the senses

To know how to taste a wine is to know how to live… differently

The bottle is uncorked. You hear that little splash … the wine is served.

What do your senses say?

The sight… Wine is read like a book. What does its color tell you? Does it get cloudy when you look at it?

Then comes the sense of smell. The wine reveals itself a little more to you. What aromas enchant your nose?

It’s time to put it in your mouth. Will the wine keep its promises? Which taste invades your mouth the most?

What silkiness does the texture of this wine evoke in you? What is the smoothness of the wine?

Touch, an underestimated sense, yet the first sense to develop.

Finally, hearing… the universe of sounds, of musicality. Wine and musical notes in search of the perfect match?

A wine tasting is an intimate experience but emotions to share with friends…

Tasting a wine, brings together.

au coeurs des sens avec Elijence, agence de savoir-vivre
Les climats de Bourgogne

The climates of Burgundy

Making sense of humanity

Burgundy wine even brings the whole world together!

In Burgundy, wine is indeed elevated to the rank of universal heritage by UNESCO, since 2015. Well more exactly, the climats of Burgundy: the other word for terroir, this typical plot of land because of its subsoil, its slope and all its heritage dimension. Like Chambertin, Clos de Vougeot, Romanée-Conti…

But let’s come back to the essential, wine is above all a drink that has always accompanied man throughout his history because wine brings people together.