It's that simple!

You’re in Burgundy, so you’ll be tasting Burgundy wines. How logical!

But how will your event go?
We’ll start with a quiz on the basics of Burgundy wine, followed by a 1st glass of wine.
A total of 4 white and red Burgundy wines will be offered.
Each wine will be commented on: its aromas, its winemaking method, the specifics of the producing estate,
food and wine pairings…

This tasting will give you the opportunity to learn the keys to wine tasting, identify the aromas of the wine and
the great Burgundy appellations of the Côte Viticole.

Which wines?
Our selection of Burgundy wines from a variety of appellations and at different levels will reflect the finest terroirs: regional, village, 1 st and grands crus (optional) to give you a taste of the incredible diversity of Burgundy winegrowing.

How can you personalise your wine tasting?
Although we offer 4 wines as standard, you can add more, ask us for appellations and estates that are close to your heart, or include a special feature.
or include a special guest. It’s easy to discuss!

déguster simplement avec Elijence, agence de dégustation de vin à Dijon
Dégustation vin Dijon

Oenology & delicacies

History of winegrowers

Paul makes it a point of honour for each participant to feel free to talk about his or her emotions and feelings when tasting wine.

Paul, who is also a professional taster and writer for guides and specialist magazines, also likes to share his knowledge of the history of wine and oenology. Burgundy’s vineyards have a rich history that goes back to Gallo-Roman times. The Cistercian and Benedictine monks played a key role in what would later be known as the climats.

What Paul likes best is having his feet in the vineyards amidst the great terroirs of Gevrey-Chambertin, Clos Vougeot, Vosne-Romanée, Meursault and Corton. In the company of winemakers, together they evoke the whims of the changing skies, the ripeness of grapes bursting with sugar, and the richness of Burgundy’s clay-limestone soil.