The adventure began in 2012 when I created ELIJENCE, a Savoir-vivre agency unique in Burgundy
with two components.

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The French way of life

French savoir vivre is inextricably linked with the art of the table! These include everything from the presentation
the presentation of dishes and their service, good table manners, the arrangement of crockery and table
table decoration.

I want to pass on this savoir-vivre, dusted off from some anachronistic customs, and make it
compatible with today’s resolutely high-tech world.
I’m taking the approach of conviviality, games and exchange to offer practical workshops to be shared
with colleagues in the form of game workshops. Because the human element must remain at the heart of what we do.

I run the following workshops:

Business Etiquette


Job interviews, client meetings, business meals… What attitudes should you adopt to give the best image of yourself or your company?
How should you present yourself, how should you behave at the table, what attitudes should you adopt in a professional environment?
An immersive, interactive workshop aimed at young business and finance school students about to enter the world of work, or adults interested in becoming more at ease in society.

Les bonnes manières et Le goût
dressage de table à Dijon, l'art de la table

Table Dressage & Good maners


How do you set the table?

Here’s an unusual table setting! This workshop-game is called “An almost perfect table”.
There are some odd utensils and some mistakes in the table setting. It’s up to you to put things back in order so that perfect table setting.
It’s an opportunity to recount amusing anecdotes about the history of the fork, the plate, the luxurious toothpick and finally to place the utensils in the right place.
and how to place the glasses in the right order.

The next logical step is how to behave at table. This is the time for etiquette, in other words, “(don’t)
don’t do that! No elbows on the table, no napkins around your neck to cut your creamed chicken elegantly.
your chicken in cream sauce or your mimosa eggs. This is a games workshop where games and practice go hand in hand.

Les bonnes manières avec Le baisemain, apprendre les bonnes manières en Bourgogne

Hand Kissing

From presentation to hand kissing

I’ll introduce you to kissing hands. And, more generally, how to present yourself in the best light.
The hand kiss is to French savoir-vivre what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris: a symbol!
Practised with subtlety, this gesture of French gallantry will set you apart! Give it a try…

Burgundy wine tasting

In Burgundy, French savoir vivre also means knowing how to taste wine. A successful wine
is an experience rich in new emotions.

Trust your 5 senses. They will open up unexplored sensations, provided you give each of your senses the importance they deserve.
the importance they deserve.
At home
And because our customers tell us every time: they appreciate it when we come to their homes.
(new key words???) when they rent a gite in Burgundy to get together with friends, or
for companies, when we provide our services in the establishment of their choice for their seminar.

Les climats de Bourgogne
au coeurs des sens avec Elijence, agence de savoir-vivre

At the heart of the senses

Tasting wine is a question of manners.
The bottle is uncorked. You hear the sound of the wine sliding into your glass.

What do your senses tell you?

Sight… Wine reads like a book. What does its colour tell you? Does it become cloudy when you
when you look at it?

Then comes the sense of smell. The wine reveals itself to you a little more. What aromas enchant your nose?
Now it’s time to put it in your mouth. Will the wine live up to its promise? Which flavour is most appealing
your mouth?

What silky texture does this wine evoke? What unctuous viscosity
can you feel?
Touch, an underestimated sense, is the first to develop from the very first months in vitro.

Finally, hearing… the world of sounds and musicality. Wine and musical notes in search of the perfect match?
Wine tasting is an intimate experience and an emotional experience to be shared.

The climats of Burgundy

Making sense of humanity

Burgundy wine brings the whole world together!

Since 2015, wine in Burgundy has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. More
climats de Bourgogne: the other word for terroir, this parcel of land that is typical because of its subsoil, its slope and all its heritage dimension.
its subsoil, its slope and all its heritage dimension.

From Noah, the father of the vine, to the present day, here in Burgundy and everywhere else in the world, wine has always
accompanied mankind throughout its history, because wine brings people together and delights their hearts.
Especially if you drink Chambertin, Clos de Vougeot, Romanée-Conti…*.

*Drink in moderation

Les climats de Bourgogne