Made to measure

Your teambuiling

Let’s build together your teambuilding to your measures.

We organize your wine event that highlights the talents of your team: customize your event with our gourmet and fun options (see Our wine tasting).

… to the laurier-dore-1Senses Rally


For an exclusive and original seminar, discover the Rally of the 5 senses, our new concept.

To each of the 5 senses we have associated different and original games.

It is a route marked out by totems linked to the five senses and for which a series of games await the participants. These games allow the participants to test their level of sensitivity and their knowledge of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

Once the games are over, the group meets again for : Our original Buffet on the aromas of Burgundy and its regional products in a gourmet, festive and good-natured atmosphere for a last very friendly workshop on the food/wine pairing.

A unique event, a dynamic and conviviality thanks to our games around the 5 senses.

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