Our gourmet options

Taste a wine by tasting

You have chosen Burgundy, it’s not by chance. Here we like to feast. We love parties that are generous with food, drink and song.

Our gourmet options personalize your wine tasting.

They can be :

– Classic : a selection of white and red wines, [in village appellation, 1er cru, even grands crus] commented by our expert followed by a relaxed exchange between expert and participants on: how to taste a wine, what is a Burgundy climate, the great appellations in Burgundy, the prices of the great domains of the coast… – gastronomic: wine tasting and charcuterie, with the help of our expert.

Gastronomy : wine and local cheeses, wine and chocolate tasting, wine and tapas tasting…

Let your imagination run wild or be inspired by local specialties. And they are numerous: parsley ham, gougères, eggs in meurette, snails with parsley, raw ham of Morvan, without forgetting the cheeses of Epoisse, Cîteaux, Brillat Savarin. For a sweet touch, gingerbread and aniseed will conclude with finesse.

Our playful options

Taste a wine while playing

Looking for a slightly different tasting experience? Discover our range of games on the five senses

Our fun options personalize your wine tasting with our original games based on sight (blind tasting), smell (our aroma bottles), taste (blind test), touch (our texture bottles) and hearing (our wine & music chords)

Ask us for the complete list of games.

Your wine tasting can be organized on the occasion of your seminar, a meeting between friends, a family party, as an aperitif before your lunch/gala dinner, during a commented dinner with a commentary on the dishes and the perfect or unusual matches. Finally, as an original team building after your gala lunch/dinner with original games around the 5 senses, see our Rally of the senses (click here)

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