Savoir vivre ... otherwise

Expert and passionate about the art of living

Agnès Bès de Berc, born in Hong Kong, then a British colony, was the daughter of a diplomat, born of a father, a career officer and then a military attaché, and of a mother, the daughter of Chinese dignitaries, a polyglot and a calligrapher.

From then on, Agnès was immersed in the rules of good manners learned from childhood thanks to her parents, who were members of the French and Chinese aristocracy.

After a Master’s degree in Law at the University of Panthéon-Assas and in Ethnology at Paris-Jussieu, Agnès worked in the Parisian print media (Express, VSD), in radio and then became an editorial manager in regional television, before having her own columns and thematic blog.

After 20 years in journalism and “Art de vivre” communication, Agnès turns again to her origins and quite naturally creates ELIJENCE, her agency of savoir vivre in 2012.

An agency that she wants to focus on the pleasure of discovery and knowledge. Whether it’s about wine or tea tasting, table setting or good manners.

Agnès Mathiot-Bès de Berc, dirigeant Elijence, agence de dégustation de vin dijon
Agnès Mathiot-Bès de Berc

Culture & Gourmet

The art of living ... differently

The ELIJENCE agency, or the Savoir vivre à la française autrement, creates and animates experiences to live and to taste!


Far from the stilted conventions, our objective is simple: to make you spend a good moment, a little different at the same time on the cultural & greedy mode. The two combine very well. The knowledge increases the pleasure of the gourmand and the greediness gives body to the intellectual.

In the form of animations, thematic workshops, interactive conferences, between original games “sprinkled” with culture, Agnès makes this French etiquette accessible.

Behind her Burgundian Madame de Rothschild appearance, Agnès has fun playing with appearances.  What she likes most of all is to play with these codes of decorum, to share her knowledge and her French savoir-vivre in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


The Art of wine tasting is discussed, but also in a more intimate way: the Art of entertaining… otherwise, the Savoir-être …. Otherwise.

The art of living, isn’t it taking the time to live with art?