French savoir vivre is quickly associated with the art of the table, the arts of the table !

Besides, hasn’t the gastronomic meal of the French been registered since 2010 in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity?

A festive meal allows guests to come together to celebrate the most important moments of life, births, weddings, birthdays. A good meal is good local products cooked in accordance with the rules of the art, paired with the wines …

And to magnify this moment, table decoration is essential. Table setting is an essential element for a successful party. Knowing how to receive is to offer a little of yourself. Your table also tells the story of the attention paid to your guests.

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dressage de table à Dijon, l'art de la table

Table Dressing & Games

...The practice

How to set a table?

You know it well … But your expert and passionate about the French Art de vivre, Agnès Bès de Berc offers you a unique table setting, set in an unusual way.

Through her workshop-games, she slips intruders, training errors to find while telling you funny anecdotes on the history of the fork, the plate, the luxurious toothpick, on the current uses in a soft, cozy and friendly atmosphere.

Our game workshops are an opportunity to have fun with those table details that make all the difference.

The list of our workshop-games: cabinet of curiosities, an almost perfect table, the Food and beverage service, theming of your table according to the seasons.

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