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Savoir vivre is an art that is practiced daily. Knowing how to receive means offering a little of yourself, and behaving at the table means revealing who you are.

How to behave at the table ? You know it well…, but Agnès, your expert in the French art of living, offers you an unusual session of decorum. Between amusing anecdotes on the history of these table manners and practical exercises, learn how to peel shrimps, eat chips, peel a fruit… with knife & fork!

Through our 2 workshop-games, the rules of good manners will amuse you!

Game 1 : Table manners

During the meal, the rules of good manners are put into practice: What to do before sitting at the table? What attitude to adopt, what subjects to discuss?

Game 2  : Impossible dishes

Tasting a soup, a salad, hard-boiled eggs, spaghetti, or stuffed quails … what traps … Without forgetting the cutting of the cheese, how to get out of it with elegance ?

Les bonnes manières et Le goût
Les bonnes manières avec Le baisemain, apprendre les bonnes manières en Bourgogne

How to be

From presentation to hand kissing

Do you know the rules of etiquette when it comes to presentation?

You won’t be able to make a good first impression twice!
Job interviews, friendly greetings… What attitudes should you adopt to give the best image of yourself or your company? There is only one rule, the SBAM.

S for Smile; B for Hello; A for Welcome; M for Thank you.

And above all, be yourself
A “Hello” and a “Goodbye” to work on to leave a positive first and last image.
For a “goodbye” that leaves a lasting impression: the hand kiss!
The kiss-off is to French savoir-vivre what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris: a symbol!

Practiced with subtlety, this gesture of French gallantry will set you apart!

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