From the purchase of wines ...

Being a perfect householder

This wine coaching workshop was born thanks to you, your questions, your hesitations…

It answers, in a playful way, some of the questions that every good host asks himself when receiving friends and family.

Through this unusual course, we walk with you…


From the purchase of the bottle to the service of the wine at the table, what mistakes to avoid for a perfect dinner?

How to buy your wine? How to store it in what conditions? What care should be taken when offering it to your guests? Chambering, decanting, decanting… do you know the difference?  And the delicate question of food/wine pairing? How about revising our fundamentals?  Not to mention a reminder of the principles of traditional tasting.


Thanks to this tailor-made coaching, our experts will reveal some of their secrets and tricks that we hope will be useful when you get home.

Coaching oenologique à Dijon
Coaching oenologique Animation Oenologie bourgogne, dijon, côte d'or

... at the service of wine

Theory & practice

The animation is divided into four parts, each devoted to a theme.

Thème  1 : How to choose (the label), buy and keep your wine in the best conditions ?

Thème  2 : How to prepare your wine : how to uncork a bottle. And after you decant, chamber or decant?

Thème  3 : How to receive your guests : how to set up the glasses, the unavoidable question of the temperature of the wine…

Thème  4 : Avoiding errors of taste: food and wine pairing.

Participants practice opening a bottle with or without a corkscrew, decanting by candlelight. Everyone sets the table to present the wine in the best possible way. At the end of the workshop, you will know the basics of how to build your cellar. You will treat your wine with the best possible care to propose harmonious food/wine pairings.

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